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The 9 Most Relaxed Dog Breeds

How To Use A Clicker To Train A Dog

What Bones Are Safe To Feed Your Dog?

How To Effectively Walk Your Dog

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Doggie Bad Breath

Aren’t All Austin Dog Trainers the Same?

Why Is My Dog Shy, and What Do I Do?

I Have Allergies, Can I Get A Dog?

How To Crate Train My Puppy

First Impressions: How To Safely Introduce Yourself To A New Dog

How Do I Keep My Dog Warm This Winter?

How Often Should I Visit The Dog Park?

Treats Or Praise: What Does Your Dog Love More?

Top 5 Easy Dog Treats For Halloween

How To Combat Common Pet Odors

Why Does My Dog Need Heartworm Control?

4 Things Humans Do That Drive Dogs Crazy

What Do Your Boarded Dogs Do When It's Rainy?

Evil Cage vs. Comfy Cave: 5 Reasons to Crate Your Puppy

The Right Way To Combat Fleas, Ticks, And Mosquitoes

How To Hike Safely With Your Dog: 8 Tips

Risks & Rewards: Should I Get My Dog MicroChipped?

What Is Submissive Urination And How Do I Stop It?

Safety Guide: 5 Steps to “Puppy Proof” Your Home

The Quick and Easy Guide To Agility Training For Dogs - Let’s Play!

The 5 Easiest Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Dog Training Classes: 4 Factors To Consider

3 Easy Ways To Soothe Your Dog's Upset Stomach

How To Fall In Love With Your Dog AGAIN

3 Reasons Invisible Shock Collar Fences Are Hazardous To You & Your Dog

3 Easy Ways to Stop Your Dog From Begging for Table Scraps

3 Rules For Giving Your Dog Treats

DogBoy's Top 5: Our Favorite Exercises For Dogs

Choose Wisely: 3 Easy Steps to Picking the Right Dog Leash

Safety Guide: 5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Dog From Overheating

The Definitive Guide to Austin's Dog Friendly Businesses

4th Of July Safety: Dogs And Fireworks DO NOT Mix

5 Easy Ways To Prep Your Puppy For The Real Big World

How To: 3 Easy Steps To Introduce a New Dog to Your Current Dog(s)

Respect vs. Reward? Why Treats Are NOT Bribery

5 foods you NEVER feed your dog (and a HELPFUL diet guide)

YOU Determine How Much Dog Training Costs...Here's Why.

Safety Guide: Citronella Collars And E-Collars ARE BAD For Your Dog

Safety Guide: Bloat Can KILL Your Dog Quick

"Should I Neuter or Spay My Dog?" 5 Reasons to Say YES!

Color Card Policy Updates: What You Need To Know

Quick Dog Tips: "Am I Feeding My Dog Too Much?"

"When Should I Start Training My Puppy?" Hint: Sooner than you might think

Quick Dog Tips: “Should I Shave My Dog This Summer?”

The Easiest Trip To The Vet EVER--Here's How

3 Life Skills EVERY Dog Needs To Know (Hint: This Helps You Too)

Save A Life: 5 Reasons to Adopt an Adult Dog

What Kind Of Dog Should I Get?

Dog Training Basics: How To Train Your Dog

“What Foods Should I Feed My Dog?”-- Hint: DON'T ask the vet

The Top 5 Reasons You Should NEVER Use Prong Collars

Top 10 Ideas for Doggy Date Night - Destination: Austin

15-point Checklist You Need Before Getting A New Dog Or Puppy

Snake Avoidance Workshop: Who Should Attend?

Perks & Barks: Public vs Private Dog Parks

10 Ways To Connect With A Dog You Love Daily

Does My Dog Have OCD?

10 Tips: The Perfect Nail Trim For Your Dogs

Dog Breeds and Behavior: Are they intricately linked?

10 Easy Steps to Give Your Dog (or Puppy) A Bath

Fence Fighting with Neighbor Dogs: How & Why to Stop It

Snake Avoidance & Shock Collars DON'T MIX. Here's What Works...

8 Ways To Care For Your Elderly Dog

Stressed Out or Anxious Dog? Try Giving Them Some Tea...

7 Tips For Staying Sane As A Small Business Owner

Is Your Dog (Mis)Behaving in Public? Don’t Worry. Here’s Why.

Why Should I Use Puzzle Toys With My Dog?

Building A Community Around Loving Dogs

Pet or Partner? 38% of Americans Choose Their Dog Over Their Partner

The “Help! My dog is biting and snapping at people!” Problem

New Year's Eve: Fireworks and Dogs DO NOT Mix

The 12 Dogs Of the Dog Park!

20 Years Of Owning A Small Business: The Ups & Downs

Dogsitting: Asking Your Friends & Family To Babysit Your Dog

“What Happens If My Dog Gets Sick While Boarding?” An Owner’s Perspective

3 Big Mistakes When Housetraining Your Dog

6 Easy Tips For Housetraining Your Dog

Playing at the Dog Park: Behaviors to Watch For

What happens at DogBoy’s when the weather shuts down Austin, TX?

Bonding With Your Dog and Building a Stronger Relationship

3 Big Reasons Big Box Stores and Dog Boarding DON'T MIX

What Should I Look for When I’m Ready to Adopt a New Dog?

4 Steps for Teaching your Puppy or Dog to be Alone

Dog Training: "There are too many options, what do I choose?"

4 Reasons You Should Board Your Dogs Over Halloween

A Fresh Perspective on Dog Care

“I want to adopt a dog”: 6 Dos and 6 Don’ts in Dog Adoption

4 Things All Dog Owners Need To Hear

My Dog Just Won't Listen!!

I Want My Dog to Stop...

Preventing Boredom in Dogs

Trending Dog Owner Behaviors in Austin

Dogs - Loyalty and Trust Defined

Horrible Things My Dogs Did and the One Thing I Learned

The Most Important Word In Your Dog’s Vocabulary

Youth, Dogs and Life’s Endless Road

Romance Ruined When Your Dog is in the Room?

5 Ways to Treat Your Dog on Valentine’s Day

The Final Days: How to Know When It's Time to Say Goodbye

Your Dogs Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions (In February)

Dog Training News: What's New in our Training Department

Thanking your Dog on Thanksgiving

This is HOWLOWEEN! Dog Safety Tips

DogBoy's Gives Back: 3rd Annual Paws for the Cause Dog Wash

Can Your Dog Do This? Trick Training 101

Recall Basics - How Do I Get My Dog to Come When Called?

Group Training at DogBoy's: Not Your Typical Obedience Class

Estate Planning for Your Pets: Plan Ahead for Your Pet's Safety

Farewell DogBoy's, Time to Turn the Page by Jay Robison

Staff Pick for May: Brake Fast Bowl for Dogs

Best Shampoos for Dogs

The Benefits of Dog Training

New App Dog Park Assistant - DogBoy's Review

DogBoy's Private Dog Park: My Idea of Dog Heaven

Book Review: DogTipper’s Texas with Dogs!

8 Tips for a Great Dog Park Visit at DogBoy's

Farewell DogBoy's, Love Julia

Should I Cancel Doggie Day Care When it's Cold Outside?

Xylitol – Great for Humans, Deadly for Dogs

Keep Your Dog Safe In the Cold

DogBoy & DogGirl's Best Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

What's Wrong with Retractable Leashes?

CGC: What does it mean to be a Canine Good Citizen?

Safe Dog Play: Set Your Dog Up for Success

How Do I Find the Best Vet in Austin?

Dog Boarding vs. Pet Sitting - Which is Better?

DogBoy's Supports Komen Austin with Dog Wash

DogBoy's Upcoming Classes: Dog Training Austin, TX

Avoid Table Scraps in Your Dog's Diet

The Magic of DogBoy's: Bart's Story

Sore Pads and Feet at DogBoy's: What You Need to Know

A Dog's Diet Influences Oral Health

Food Puzzle Toys & Dogs: A Winning Combination!

The Honest Economy: Transparency in Pet Care

Dog Fun in Austin - Summer 2013

Holistic Alternative Flea Prevention for Dogs

Should I Shave My Dog in the Summer?

Dog Training 101: Why Participating in Classes is Important to Me

Dog Trainers in Austin: What Does it Mean to be Certified?

DogBoy's Cares about Heat Stress in Dogs

DogBoy's is Hiring! Who Wants to Work with Dogs?

Is My Dog Fat? Lacy's Story

How to Become a Customer at DogBoy's

DogBoy's Dog Trainer teaches Dog Boys and Girls at Career Day

DogBoy's Goes High Tech

Top 7 Worst Dog Food Brands

DogBoy's Makes the Switch to a New Dog Food: Pulsar

DogBoy's Leash Policy for Dog Boys and Dog Girls

DogBoys Go Local Changes Start in April

Mighty Texas Dog Walk 2013

Is My Dog Fat? Pet Obesity Infographic

What Does it Mean to be a Pet Friendly Facility?

Dog Boys and Dog Girls Love Senior Dogs

The Best Dog Names: The Ultimate (Star) Guide

Should My Dog Drink Filtered Water?

When to Call the Vet

Benefits of Owning a Dog: The Infographic

Dog Boarding Prices: What You Need to Know

Kelly's Pick: Premier Easy Walk Harness

Christmas Day at the Animal Emergency Clinic

Help! I Think My Dog Has Been Bitten by a Snake!

DIY Homemade Dog Treats!

Patricia McConnell Speaks, DogBoy's Learns!

Teaching Kids About Dogs

DogGirl Hot Under the Collar: Cesar Milan Trainer Shows True Colors

DogBoy's 2012 Awards for the Best Dog Boarding in Austin

Preparing for Puppy: Bringing Your Puppy Home

DogBoy's Dog Wash for the Cure Saturday, Oct. 6th!

Dog Training Austin: There's a Class for That!

DogBoy's Goes the Extra Mile

Is My Dog Fat? Help for Overweight Dogs

An Inside Look at Board and Train for Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Symptoms and Solutions

5 Positive Dog Training Books You Need to Read

The Truth About Shock Collars, Choke Chains and Pinch Collars

Interactive Daycare for Dogs: 10 Things You Need to Know

Ask Your Austin Dog Trainer: Is Adopting Littermates a Good Idea?

What Should I Know About Boarding a Dog with Medication?

How to Find the Best Dog Parks

Top 10 Dog Friendly Things to Do in Austin

Making Business Travel with Pets Work for You

Why Luxury Pet Boarding is a Waste of Your Money

Caring for the Summertime Daycare Dog

The Ultimate Benefit of Dog Training in Austin, TX

The Modern Rules of Austin Dog Parks

Training People By Tess of Helena

The Mighty Texas Dog Walk - April 7

Good Dog Food Brought Straight to Your Door

Dog Food Danger?

Why DogBoy's Hates Choke Chains

It's a Dog Party! DogBoy's Dog Park Open House

DogBoy's says, "Happy Dog Year!"

Become a DogBoy's Ambassador

Dog Food & Toys & Treats, Oh My! Gifts for the Dogs on Your List

True Blue Leadership - Book Signing Tuesday September 27th

An Update on Pancake

Central TX Fires - DogBoy's Update

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

Missing My Dogs

A Whole Lotta Howlin' Goin' On

Preventing Dog Bites

DogBoy's Easter Goodies

Fan Mail

Why I Love Charm School Dog Training at DogBoy's

New Years Resolutions from the DogBoy's Staff Dogs

We're posting every week in 2011!

Santa Claws Is Coming To Town--Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Give Your Dog The Gift of a Less Stressful Holiday

Pancake the DogBoy's Cat

DogBoy's Salutes Our Veteran Customers!

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