DogBoy's New Customer Form (or New Pup Form!)

Whether you are interested in setting up an evaluation as a new client, you are a current client with a new dog, or you are filling out paperwork for one of our training services, this is the form we'll need for each of your pups. Other than your name & email address, we will only ask you for information we do not already have.

Please be clear about:

  • Any medical conditions we need to be aware of
  • Any other special needs your dog may have
  • Any history of aggression, seizures or other concerns
  • and make sure you've read our Rules of the Game.

Once we receive this form, we will attempt to get your vet records for your dog. Then when we have all the paperwork, we will contact you about next steps! If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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